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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

It Begins

So, I've decided to branch out a little bit more with my channel and get some social networking going on. Blogger wasn't exactly my first choice but making a Blogger account essentially kills two birds with one stone (I wont get into the details) and so it was my first port of call.

This blog (and the other social networking sites I'll set up for my channel) will be a place where you can come for news on my blog, including information on any competitions I'll be running, when I'm recording/uploading a new video, polls I'm running which will enable you to help shape my channel, and so on. I'll also be displaying my most recent videos, wherever possible.

On that note, I've got the first poll up and running. In the next few weeks I'll be starting a Minecraft Let's Play series which I plan to upload on a separate day to my usual miscellaneous videos. So, I plan to be uploading videos twice a week and would like input from you guys as to when I upload. By the end of the poll, the two days with the most votes will be the days that I choose.

Thanks for reading guys, and keep an eye out for a Tumblr and Facebook page in the very near future.

- Static